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  • Title : Managing Principal

    Company Name: BJK Consulting Services

    Location : Brookfield, Queensland,US

    Specialty : Health and Safety Regulations for Companies, Maintaining Sustainability, Developing Policy, Long Term Sustainability planning and strategy; stakeholder engagement, Aboriginal engagement; environmental and socio-economic impact assessment, risk assessment, training development and delivery; workforce development and skills/training needs assessment; business planning and budgeting; performance measurement and reporting

    Biography :

    Brenda Kuzyk has over 25 years of experience working with corporations and government agencies to ensure balanced decision-making in relation to economic development in both remote and developed regions of Australia and Canada.  She encourages the consideration of all aspects of sustainable development including potential positive and negative social, environmental and economic impacts of development decisions.  Brenda is currently working as a consultant to Aboriginal corporations in discreet communities in Queensland AUS to ensure sustainable business outcomes for the corporations that result in long-term opportunities for Aboriginal people.Brenda volunteers in her community and also does external speaking at conferences about incorporating strategic sustainability planning in corporate business processes. She would like to gain widespread networks and maintain current within the industry.

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