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  • Title : CEO/President

    Company Name: Phenocell

    Industry : Research

    Location : Creteil,United States

    Specialty : Creation Production & Commercialization of Cellular Models for Research & Drug Discovery; Neurological Science- Skin, Aging, & Neurological Disease

    Biography :

    Brigitte Onteniente speaks publicly about her company, Phenocell, their purpose, stem sells, and drug discovery. Dr. Onteniente’s work has been published in several journals. She built and coordinated the STEMS European project after a sabbatical year in Southampton University. She is fuent in French and English. Phenocell aims at accelerating the development of innovative therapies for rare diseases. With the unique technology of cell reprogramming, the company creates, produces and commercializes unique cellular models for orphan drug discovery. We develop specific phenotype assays for the understanding of pathogenic mechanisms, drug discovery and ADME-T studies. Phenocell’s iPSC and differentiated cellular models are designed to perfectly fit with the requirements of academic and industrial research.

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