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  • Title : Lawyer

    Company Name: Studio Legale Desideri

    Industry : Law Practice

    Location : Rome,Italy

    Specialty : Lawyer

    Biography :

    Claudio Bova has over 25 years of experience working as a lawyer and has worked for his current firm, Studio Legale Desideri, for over 10 years. Claudio specializes in debt collections for a sanitation company with the National Sanitary Service. His firm is one of the very few firms in Italy that specialize in debt collections for sanitation. Claudio practices litigation, labor laws, commercial law, civil law, due diligence, and arbitration. Claudio is one of the very few lawyers that has had cases in the Italian Supreme Court, and in 2008, won a major case for 500 million euros. The case was against the state of Italy- Rome. He is fluent in both English and Italian.

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