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    • Title : Chief Business Developer

      Company Name: SINTEF

    • Location : Sluppen, Trondheim, Norway

      Years Of Professional Experience : 30+

      Specialty : Material Science and Technology, Nanomedicine, Medical Technology, Biomaterials, Consumer- and Household Products, Cosmetics

    Biography :

    Dr. Schmid is Chief Business Developer at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry in Trondheim with special responsibility for the area of medical technology, including nanomedicine. Her present research activities include the preparation and characterisation of micro- and nanoparticles, as well as the surface modification of polymers and polymer particles for applications in nanomedicine and various other […]

    • Title : Professor Emerita; Owner

      Company Name: University of St. Thomas; Private Practice- Mary A. Hayes, Ph.D.

      Industry : Mental Health

    • Location : Golden Valley, MN, United States

      Specialty : Mental health therapy services.

    Biography :

    Supervising both licensed and pre-licensed therapists in psychology, marriage and family therapy as well as social work. Mary is now fully retired but still does some consulting.

    • Title : Professor / Physician, Radiology

      Company Name: Mount Sinai School

      Industry : Radiology

    • Location : New York, NY, United States

      Specialty : Biomedical Research & Education

    Biography :

    Dr. Claudia Henschke is a professor and doctor at the College since 1983. She has been in the Division Chief of Chest Imaging in Radiology. Highly valuing the importance of continuing the development of various research projects which she is involved, she is a vocal proponent of CT-scans for early lung cancer detection. She is […]

    • Title : Founder/ Surgical Oncologist

      Company Name: Cancer Surgery Associates

      Industry : Oncology

    • Location : Hackensack, NJ, United States

      Specialty : Surgical Oncologist - Specializing in Gastrointestinal Tract Tumors, Liver, Pancreas, Melanomas, Sarcomas, and Breast

    Biography :

    Donald is the Chief of Surgical Oncology and Vice Chairman of the John Theurer Cancer Center and is a board certified surgical oncologist whose major interests are melanoma, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, hepatobiliary cancer, sarcomas and micromatasteses.

    • Title : Professor/Coordinator of Doctoral Programs TLI Department

      Company Name: University of Texas at Brownsville

      Industry : Education

    • Location : Brownsville, TX, United States

      Specialty : Curriculum and Instruction. Education, History, Research.

    Biography :

    Recent Publications: “The Childrens War, Germany 1939-1949″, Brown Books Publishing, Dallas “Irma’s Story”, Brown Books Publishing, Dallas