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    • Title : Principal

      Company Name: Perkins Eastman

      Industry : Architecture & Design

    • Location : New York, NY, United States

      Specialty : Architectural Interior & Urban Design Planning. Project Management.

    Biography :

    Based in the New York office of Perkins Eastman, among the largest design and architecture firms in the world, Christine Schlendorf has distinguished herself, both within the firm and without, by her dedication to making learning environments truly perform for students. As the Managing Principal for the firm’s K-12 Studio, she has been creating innovative […]

    • Title : Supervisor

      Company Name: Hyundai Merchant Marine

      Industry : Shipping

    • Location : Millharbour, London, United Kingdom

      Specialty : Providing container shipping services. T&D Staff and T&D Related Systems.

    Biography :

    Lady Kim Kibble Miex serves as a Supervisor for HMM operations at its office in London, England. In this capacity since 2010, she supervises day to day tasks related to T&D staff and is an expert user of T&D related system processes and procedures. Lady Kim ensures key tasks are performed effectively, including the monitoring […]

    • Title : Financial Advisor, First Vice President - Investment Officer

      Company Name: Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

      Industry : Finance

    • Location : Houston, TX, United States

      Specialty : Retirement Planning - Oil & Gas Industry.

    Biography :

    After successfully weathering the market downturns of both 2000-2002, and more recently, the Great Recession/Credit Crunch of 2008-2009, I continue to focus my retirement planning practice on controlling risk first, then focusing on return. Through the income reservoir concept, I re-create an individual’s paycheck while they are in retirement, independently of any gyrations in the […]

    • Title : Artistic Director

      Company Name: Kayaleh Violin Academy

      Industry : Music

    • Location : Geneva, Switzerland

      Specialty : Stage Performance. Training Violinists for a Concert Career.

    Biography :

    Brilliant performer, remarkable pedagogue and charismatic conductor, Habib Kayaleh is considered to be one of the most eminent pedagogues of his time. His conception of the violin technique and of its application, and his views on artistic interpretation are highly considered and adopted by important violin schools. His abilities have gained him international recognition and […]

    • Title : Group Copy Supervisor

      Company Name: Noesis

      Industry : Pharmaceuticals

    • Location : Branchville, NJ, United States

      Specialty : Pharmaceuticals. Cardiovascular, Diabetes, MRI, anti-infective, allergy/respiratory.

    Biography :

    I have been in pharmaceutical advertising for over 16 years, and have worked in almost every therapeutic category imaginable–those I have the most experience with are listed above under “Expertise.” I work as a copywriter, dreaming up the clever words that accompany the pretty pictures that appear in print ads and other promotional materials. I […]