Online Registry

Online Registry

Online Registry

In order to successfully network and get recognized by the right people, one needs to make sure the right people have access to your personal brand. The International Society of Business Leaders’ Online Registry compiles and aggregates all our accomplished members, and publishes their key professional and biographical information. Members are encouraged to make full use of the online registry to find and connect with other members, under the umbrella of knowledge that all our members are top business professionals.

The online registry helps increase member visibility and is designed for easy navigation by members and visitors, alike. One can browse member profiles, or conduct a targeted search based a number of advanced criteria. Only members using the electronic registry can contact other current members and network with them through our platform.

For Members

Membership in The International Society of Business opens up access to a unique group of diverse professionals working at the forefront of their industries. With both the Hardcover Physical Registry and Electronic Registry available as tools, members can share information, knowledge and services to ensure they stay informed, current and competitive.

Serving over 500,000 professionals from all industries and stages of professional development, The International Society of Business Leaders helps members make key business connections and build relationships.

Each member receives a personalized information packet and login credentials. Once logged in, they can update their profile information, add images to strengthen their profiles, and use advanced search functions to connect with other members.

Featured Members

Each year, The International Society of Business Leaders highlights the successes of a handpicked group of our membership, including top executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. We recognize these Featured Members for their outstanding achievements, leadership skills and/or community commitments. An honor reserved for less than .5% of our total membership base, our Featured Members receive a special profile badge as well as a full- or half-page expanded biographical profile published in both the online and hardcover physical registry, to highlight their achievements.