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  • Title : Hospital Pharmacy Manager

    Company Name: Clinica Multiperfil

    Industry : Pharmaceuticals

    Location : Queijas,Portugal

    Specialty : Negotiation; Marketing Management; Marketing Strategy; Team Leadership; Portuguese; Product Management; Team Management; Market Analysis; Marketing; Communications; Product Development; Oncology; Budgets; Strategic Planning

    Biography :

    Filipe Pernas is a trained professional who, plain and simply, “gets the Job done.” Filipe has an unfiltered passion for his work and a quiet discipline that ensures the achievement of all of his goals. He arrived in Angola to run a pharmacy in a clinic, but when he arrived, found that it was all but abandoned. With vast experience, he set out to turn the facility around and implement efficiency and sustainability. He had the Angola based clinic up and running in about a year. Because Angola is still quite rural and primitive as it relates to technology, Filipe had to endure multiple obstacles in addition to just restructuring the business aspect of the pharmacy. He encountered lights that would not work and perhaps water that did not run, but thanks to his critical thinking skills he was able to overcome these difficulties by thinking outside of the box and addressing the issue to return to functionality. Filipe’s inner drive and fortitude gives him the ability to succeed when the odds are stacked against him. He is able to barrel through the toughest situations to arrive at the desired result and accomplish the goal at hand. He has global experience and manages a varied group of staff members. Filipe demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively and foster cohesion among the group for consistent achievement of goals related to the organization’s strategic plan.

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