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    • Title : Professor and Past Mayor of Byng, Oklahoma

      Company Name: Eastern Central University, Dept. of Education

    • Location : Ada,US

      Specialty : Lecturer, Retired Professor of Industrial Technology, Education

    Biography :
    • Title : General Manager

      Company Name: Shipyard Trogir

    • Location : Trogir,US

      Specialty : All Policies, Overall Operations, Ship Building

    Biography :
    • Title : Owner & Operator

      Company Name: Life Portraits

    • Location : Calgary,US

      Specialty : Holistics, Color Imaging, Imaging, Health & Wellness

    Biography :
    • Title : Executive Assistant

      Company Name: The University of Texas

    • Location : Austin,US

      Specialty : Budgeting and H&R

    Biography :

    She currently does volunteer work and is the Head of the Prayer Shawl Ministry at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas.

    • Title : CEO


    • Location : Geneva,US

      Specialty : Humanitarian and Social Affairs, Global knowledge of world affairs

    Biography :