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  • Title : Professor of Oncology

    Company Name: University of Sydney and North Coast Cancer Centre@Lismore

    Industry : Medical Practice

    Location : Hawthron East,Australia

    Specialty : Healthcare; Clinical Research; Hospitals; Medicine; Research; Teaching; Cancer; Clinical Trials; Healthcare Management; Medical Education; Oncology

    Biography :

    Dr. Michael McKay is profound medical professional, specializing in cancer treatment and research, with over 120 publications and 10 NHMRC Project Grant. Dr. McKay sub-specialized mainly in breast and colon rectal radiation oncology, and has led the research and publications for the past four years at the University of Sydney and North Coast Cancer Center at Lismore. He knew he wanted to go into medicine from a young boy, after watching his older brother flourish in the medical field. He became a great mentor and role model to Dr. McKay. This sibling relationship nurtured him to excel when it came to his education, and led him to graduate with honors from the University of New South Wales. Dr. McKay plans to continue with his clinical work and begin to focus on research to find better treatment, solutions, and cures for breast and rectal cancer. He and his team are just a few fighting the almost seemingly, never ending, battle of cancer. Dr. McKay is to be diligent in his efforts to end cancer globally.

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