The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Ali Ahmad

The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Ali Ahmad

Ali AhmadAli Ahmad, Director at Global Shale Drilling and Completion Solutions, is a petroleum engineer with 36 years of international experience as a drilling consultant and drilling engineer. A seasoned leader in his field, Ali has in-depth knowledge and proven experience in shale drilling, relevant hole instability problems and solutions, and problem prevention.

Ali’s solutions are based on efficient, practical, cost-effective and environment friendly approaches—utilizing formulations of high performance water based drilling fluids, solutions prove to have an impact on the well quality and cost. He has broad knowledge in shale plasticity, brittleness, clay diagenesis/ transformation to manage and limit the effects and impacts on the hydraulic fracturing and reservoirs damage. Part of his experience is in North American horizontal and unconventional drilling. He is highly skilled in directional drilling, well integrity, Clay’s types and reactions, drilling fluids, Drilling Optimization, NPT management.

OUR FEES: A negotiable percentage of the cost savings the client will achieve. NO ADDITIONAL BUDGET.

We are willing to be involved in JOINT VENTURE PROJECTS internationally.

Ali lives in Alberta, Calgary.

International Society of Business Leaders Member Ali Ahmed can be found in the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.



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