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  • Title : Senior Consultant

    Company Name: A-Merchant

    Location : Italy

    Specialty : Energy Management both Civil and Industrial; Wide competences in energy efficiencies and renewable energy large projects

    Biography :

    Liborio F. Nanni is the Senior Consultant at A-Merchant, where he has worked for four years. He has more than 38 years of professional experience in his career and he retired in 2014. Liborio has worked as a CEO for multinational companies, overseeing renewal energy, products focused in energy efficiency and investing in large projects. […]

  • Title : Founder & CEO

    Company Name: MMG Capital Management & Trust

    Industry : Consulting

    Location : Panama City,Panama

    Specialty : Finance, Management, Capital Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Asset Management

    Biography :

    Mark-Emery Boswell is the Founder and CEO of MMG Capital Management & Trust, a boutique operation that works closely with clients to create privacy with prosperity using ‘out of the box’ solutions. Having recently established MMG Capital, Mark was inspired to launch it because he saw a lack of quality options being offered by status […]