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  • Title : Senior Consultant

    Company Name: Brian Hill & Associates

    Industry : Pharmaceuticals

    Location : Villa Reales, Guaynabo,

    Specialty : Corporate Quality; Quality Plans; Quality Auditing; Manufacturing Operations; Remediation; Interim Controls; Batch Record Review; Designing & Implementing Quality Management Systems; Problem Solving; Supply Chain; Suppliers & 3rd Party Manufacturing; Remediation Design & Project Management

    Biography :

    Brian Hill is one of the leading Leadership and Quality System and Manufacturing Excellence experts in the Pharmaceutical industry. He has partnered with a number manufacturing and marketing facilities in the UK, Canada, USA, Puerto Rico and France. Brian’s past experience includes working in a senior consultancy role with a number of large and small companies supplying and/or manufacturing drug products, animal health products, biologicals, vaccines, radiopharmaceuticals, nutrapharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical supplies and Canadian Red Cross. He has significant understanding of what is needed to meet quality and business objectives. His passion is helping businesses resolve issues, simplifying processes, getting products to the customers and building bridges of understanding. Brian has strong connections with many successful business experts in a diverse field of areas and is a Speaker at both technical and business venues. In addition to utilizing his technical expertise in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sector he is actively involved in business management coaching.

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