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  • Title : Retired Foreign Language Teacher

    Company Name: Fairfield Senior High School

    Industry : Education

    Location : Hamilton,OH,United States

    Specialty : Specialized in English, French, Russian, & Spanish

    Biography :

    Mémoires of a Travelholic
    Published: 1/29/2014

    Mémoires of a Travelholic
    Published: 6/18/2013

    Carole J. Kuhn, Ph.D. is a Fairfield Senior High School Retired Foreign Language Teacher. She received her Ph.D from Miami University in 1985. Dr. Kuhn’s educational background started with a B.S. in Education from the University of Cincinnati, followed by a M.E. from Miami University, and a Specialist Degree in Education also from Miami University prior to receiving her doctorate. Her career with Fairfield Senior High spanned from 1958 to 1992. During that time, she acted as the Head of the Foreign Language Department and taught English, French, Russian, and Spanish. Dr. Kuhn also held Ohio Certification for Library Science, Supervisor, Principal, and Superintendent.

    But education wasn’t always in the headlights of Dr. Kuhn. Carole J. Kuhn graduated from Hamilton High School in 1950 and had no idea what she wanted to do in life. Most of her friends were going to college, but she had no interest in college. She studied typing and shorthand in high school, thinking that she might like to be a secretary. Her father got Carole her first job working at a local bank, first as a bookkeeper, then as a cashier. During that time she enrolled in Patricia Stevens Modeling School in Cincinnati and really thought that she wanted to be a model. Also at that time she changed jobs and became a typist at Bendix Aviation in Hamilton.

    Following up her interest in modeling she left home in 1951 and headed to Chicago where she got a job as a wholesale model at Gilbert Originals. That lasted only 4 months as she decided that a model’s job was only temporary and would be phased out as she grew older. Returning home, she told her father that she would like to go to college. Many of her friends were still in college, but some of them had tired of college and changed their ambition.

    In 1952 she enrolled in Teachers’ Collage at the University of Cincinnati and chose social studies as her major and English as her minor. Her first teaching job involved teaching English 7-12 and required her also to teach a foreign language. She had taken a French course at the university so she was assigned to teach French in addition to the English courses. Teaching at a small high school required so many things of a teacher. After two years, she left Reily High School and went to Fairfield High School where she was only required to teach English. However she was soon asked to start a French program.

    And so began her lifelong pursuit of French: studying at the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Reims in France. After the Russians launched Sputnik, she became interested in adding Russian to her agenda so off she went to the University of Leningrad for the summer, followed by more Russian the following summer at the prestigious language school in Middlebury, Vermont.

    Dr. Kuhn began traveling in foreign countries in 1958 and completed 45 trips throughout Europe, the Far East, and Africa. Thirteen of her trips included bicycle trips through Germany, France, Austria, Italy, England, and Denmark. During the spring break and Christmas break at the high school, she took many trips to France and Russia sometimes with her students. In 2013, she published a book entitled “Memoires of a Travelholic” which entails many of her travels as a foreign language teacher. In 2014, she revised the book, adding more detailed information.

    When she retired in 1992, Dr. Kuhn took up knitting and specialized in Modular Knitting. She had 9 of her modular knitwear designs published in InKnitters Magazine, until it went out of business. She then turned her attention to decorating ready-made purses by attaching her modular designs to them and published her newly decorated purses in a book, “Pursnicketies– A Modular Knitting Experience.” Dr. Kuhn now gives workshops on how to use modular knitting to its best advantage.

    Her latest project is to share her expertise with others by volunteering her time, teaching French at the Berkeley Square Elementary School. She also volunteers teaching French and knitting for Miami University’s Learning in Retirement Programs at the Berkeley Campus.

    You can purchase your copy of the 2014 Revised edition “Mémoires of a Travelholic” by following the link:

    For the 2013 version of “Mémoires of a Travelholic”, use the following link:émoires-of-a-Travelholic.aspx

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