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  • Title : President

    Company Name: Dutch Society Against Quackery

    Industry : Medical Practice

    Location : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Specialty : Exposing quacks and healers who provide alternative treatments

    Biography :

    A highly educated and accomplished medical professional, Catherine De Jong is currently a Consulting Anesthetist at Childrens’ Dental (Kindertand) and President of The Dutch Society against Quackery (Vereniging tegen de Kwakzalverij).

    The Dutch Society against Quackery has been exposing quacks and healers who give alternative treatments since 1881. It is the association’s mission to evaluate alternative treatments and methods and uncover quackery committed by non physicians and physicians alike. They publish a quarterly magazine entitled Dutch Magazine against Quackery (NTtdK). This magazine contains articles written by (board) members and guest authors from outside the union. They also provide expert commentary on radio, television and print media, maintain a strong internet presence, consult with politicians and associated organizations and provide support to victims of quackery.

    Childrens’ Dental (Kindertand) is a pediatric dental practice located in the Amsterdam area of the Netherlands. Here, Dr. De Jong provides anesthesia services for children undergoing dental treatment. Childrens’ Dental provides superior treatment in a sensitive, caring way that puts the child’s needs first. Dr. De Jong works with a team of world class professionals to achieve this.

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