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  • Title : CCO

    Company Name: BeyondReproach Branding

    Industry : Consulting

    Location : Fanwood,

    Specialty : Branding/Turn Around Specialty Consulting; Apparel

    Biography :

    Over years of continued service in the apparel industry, Chris has continuously added substantial impact to the companies he has worked for directly or consulted with.  His experience is broad and is recognized for his balance of design talent with business understanding.  He has worked with the likes of Marc Ecko, helping him re-launch, design, and re-brand his upper tier niche label of Cut & Sew, as well as turned around east coast action sports brand Zoo York into an international skate lifestyle phenomenon.  Early in his career he helped bring private label brand Arizona Jeans Co. to a 500 million dollar company from 200 million within four years.  Additionally, Chris is consistently helping other brand apparel companies regain a footing in the ever changing and unforgiving clothing industry. Typically, he is very involved in the strategic planning that goes into the execution of re-branding, restructuring or re-organizing these companies. He applies a great deal of on the ground knowledge with analytic data relevant to the industry, it’s trends and how those insights can be best applied for the success of his current client, relative to its competitors. Chris specializes in turn around opportunities and prides himself on the challenge that offers, while being very result driven in regard to finding success for these companies. He has forged relationships with numerous manufacturing entities over the years, which in conjunction with other relationships has allowed him to branch off into his own niche apparel brands, including the creation of a premium medical scrubs line in association with Make-A-Wish. Chris has been highlighted in Woman’s Wear Daily and other publications, but feels that networking among his peers will allow him to further impact business growth in his industry.  With the hope of working with a Fortune 500 company in the near future, he continues to challenge himself daily with juggling all of his current projects. 

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