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  • Title : Co-Founder

    Company Name: 3D Evolution

    Industry : Motion Pictures and Film

    Location : Vancouver, BC,BC,Canada

    Specialty : 3D Depth Budgeting 3D Stereography 3D Rig Assistant Producer (in training)

    Biography :

    Dirk Gombos is a pioneer of the development of producing affordable and technologically superior 3D movies for as close to a 2D budget as possible. The goal is to help bridge the gap of making filming in 3D affordable and yet having the technology to create as close to Theatrical grade 3D as possible to fill the need of 3D content production.Dirk deals with Production, Post production companies and movie producers throughout the world. He has a system in place that takes the mystery out of producing 3D movies in such a manner that makes it manageable for any production company to consider this as a route for their movie. Dirk has written and not yet published a “3D for Dummies” like series that further bridges the gap of understanding to what it actually takes to pursue a profitable 3D production while keeping the production workflow/pipeline affordable. He speaks English and Hungarian fluently.

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