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  • Title : Founder

    Company Name: Institute of Psychosynthesis. Center of Sustainable Human Development

    Industry : Alternative Medicine

    Location : Warsaw,MZ,Poland

    Specialty : Wellness Coaching; Holistic Health; Personal and Managerial/Organizational Psychosynthesis; Education; Personal Development

    Biography :

    Dr. Ewa Danuta Bialek is the Founder of the Institute of Psychosynthesis, Center of Sustainable Human Development, an educational institution dedicated to assisting people in discovering their full creative power and talents. The programs especially target women 45+, and seek to nurture their spiritual nature and capacity to implement their talents fully in their life. Through “self-education,” the Institute guides its students to health and sustainable (balanced) development, contributing to a healthy society based on ethical values.

    With a PhD in Immunology from the Medical University of Warsaw, Dr. Bialek specializes in clinical diagnosis. For many years, she worked in research at the Medical University of Warsaw (Medical School) and Postgraduate Medical Center (23 years). After completing PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Summit University (USA), she became certified as a trainer of Psychosynthesis (IAMOP – USA.) Also a Certified Life Coach and master Life Coach from the American University of NLP, she specialized as a Coach for Personal Wellbeing.

    Dr. Bialek is the author of over 150 publications (27 books, self-guides, and scientific articles), most of them relating to health promotion and has lectured at numerous conferences concerning the environment, health and education. In 1997, she established the Association “Education for the Future” in Warsaw, writing programs and books and organizing scientific and educational conferences.

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