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  • Title : Director

    Company Name: Micro Dimensions Consulting Services

    Location : Road Town, Tortola,United States

    Specialty : Research Island Pacific Education, Research/Education

    Biography :

    Dr. Quincy Lettsome was born at Long Swamp, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. He is a product of the School System of this community of islands. He attended the Long Look Infant School, the East End Methodist Elementary School and the Virgin Islands Secondary School from which he graduated in 1960. Dr. Lettsome commenced his teaching career in 1961 at the newly instituted Post Primary Department of the Road Town Primary School. He obtained his initial teacher training from the then Leeward Islands Teachers Training College in Antigua, from 1963 to 1965. He was then appointed Head Teacher of the Cane Garden Bay Methodist Elementary School from 1965 to 1968. While there he noticed that the students became very motivated when they studied or learned about their Environment. This began research into what Dr. Lettsome refers to as the Micro Curricular Frontier , that is, curriculum development for small counties or Micro States. He was then appointed Principal of the Road Town Primary School from 1968 to 1972. This was the largest Primary School but he continued his research along the Micro Curricular Trail. He pursued undergraduate studies at the University of New Castle Upon Tyne, in the United Kingdom. Dr. Lettsome was then appointed to teach Geography at the BVI High School. There he pursued the Micro Curricular Trail and after reviewing the Curriculum of the BVI High School, compiled research papers on Limited and Unlimited Curriculum Development respectively. In 1976 he pursued a Master’s Degree at the University of Manchester in England and successfully completed his studies in 1977. This research was very significant because it made a contribution to knowledge about curriculum development and Education generally about Micro States. For example, for the first time such words as Micro Curriculum Development and Micro Curricular Studies appeared in educational Literature. These and other related terms were first used by Dr. Quincy Lettsome in his exploration of the Micro Curricular Frontier of knowledge, as acknowledge by the University of Manchester in England, in 1977. Dr. Lettsome continued at the BVI High School, where he served in numerous capacities such as Year Head, Head of Geography Department, House Master, Deputy Principal and Principal. He was later appointed as an Education Officer at the Department of Education and Culture. In 1986 Dr. Lettsome embarked on doctoral studies with the University of Hull, while still working. He completed his doctoral research in 1991 Hull University. This brought to an end twenty five years of exploring and researching the Micro Curricular Frontier. The Micro Curricular Trail commenced at the Cane Garden Bay school in 1966 and concluded in the Halls of Hull University in 1991. Dr. Lettsome continued at the Education Department , where he such served in such capacities as Curriculum Coordinator, Coordinator of the Five Year Education Plan, Deputy Chief Education Officer and Chief Education Officer.Dr. Quincy Lettsome has severed as President of the BVI Teachers Union for 18 years at various intervals. He was instrumental in bringing about numerous innovations, such as the Teaching Service Commission, Hull University Program and Education Week. He also introduced the idea of World Teachers Day at a Conference in Geneva in 1982. Today World Teachers Day is observed throughout the world.Dr. Lettsome has been writing poems for over fifty years. To date he has published three anthologies, viz., Virgin Verses 1, 2 and 3. He also compiles a periodical, Micro State Perspective. He compiled a history book entitled, August Mondays and Festivals -An ABC Heritage Guide, which was launched by the BVI Tourist Board in 2004. After his retirement, Dr. Lettsome became a Consultant. He is the Director of Micro Dimensions Consulting Services. It is important to point out that, the capabilities of this Consultancy is not limited to small countries but emerged out of certain aspects relative to Micro States. Micro Dimensions (3), that is to the Third Power, has a three fold capability among others. It is capable of focusing on large countries or the world in general and especially small countries or Micro States. Then it deals with all matters with special attention focused on the most intricate and infinite details of the various issues. Dr. Quincy Lettsome has been an Educator for some fifty years. He has compiled several dissertations, theses and countless scholastic papers. He pursued under-graduate and post graduate studies at three Universities in the United Kingdom His exploration and experience of Micro Curricular Studies and Micro States in general have added significantly to his knowledge, experience and capabilities, which provides him with a unique wide and embracing academic and professional balance. Has completed book on, “Education in the West Indies”.

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