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  • Title : ExCommissioner for the Prevention of Health Risks in Mexico Third Parties

    Company Name: TAES Third Authorized in Sanitary Evaluation (For regulatory Authorization)

    Industry : Pharmaceuticals

    Location : Ciudad Satélite,DIF,Mexico

    Specialty : PharmacologyPharmacoeconomicsBiotechnologyNanotechnologyBiotechnonanopharmacyBariatricsDiabetologyInfectologyChemotherapyAnthropology and Biochemistry of Sexuality

    Biography :

    surgeon and pharmacologist, with a post-doctorate, a doctorate and a master’s
    degree in science obtained with honors in USA, France and Mexico, respectively.
    He is professor of Pharmacoeconomics, Good clinical Practices, New politics on
    health, research and development, regulatory affairs and marketing of helth
    products at the Anahuac University and Central Military Hospital.


    He has been Commissioner of Sanitary Authorization of
    the Federal Commission of Prevention against Health Risks (COFEPRIS, for its
    Spanish acronym) of Health Ministry in Mexico and performed diverse Management
    and Direction activities in the Mexican and International Pharmaceutical
    Industries. He currently works as independent consultant for clinical research,
    health regulation and marketing of health-related companies. Professor of Good
    Clinical Practices, Pharmacoeconomics and New Politics on Health. In addition,
    he is coordinator of postgraduates Diploma on Research and Development,
    Regulatory Affairs and Marketing of Health products at the Anahuac University,



    Investigator at the National Cancer Institute (Incan,
    for its Spanish acronym and the Perinatology National Institute (INPer, for its
    Spanish acronym); Professor of Pharmacology and related subjects at national
    and foreign universities. Post-Doctoral Fellow at Stanford Research Institute International
    (SRI Int. CA, USA). Doctoral Fellow at Gustave – Roussy Institute and the
    University “Pierre et Marie Curie” (Paris VI) France. Former scholarship holder
    of a Master’s Degree in Pharmacological Science and PhD by the National
    Polytechnique Institute (IPN, for its Spanishacronym) and National Board for
    Science and Technology (CONACYT, for its Spanish acronym). “L´Association de la
    Research contre le Cancer” (ARC, for its French acronym), “L´Institute de la
    Research Scientific” (IRS, for its French acronym) and “La Ligue de la Research
    Francaise” (LRF, for its French acronym) Graduate from the High Administration
    of Business Postgraduate Diploma (AD1) at the Pan-American Institute for
    Enterprise Administration (IPADE, for its Spanish acronym).


    Author of the following books: Amorifilia, Endeless Love, Healthy
    Longevity.(Palibrio). A
    BC of Drugs,
    2008, Your Family Physician (IPN), V
    ademecum of Antimicrobial Drugs 1997-2005 (PLM/Thompson Health
    Care) “Sex, Eroticism and Love”, Social Medical Service, Scientific Advisor of
    the book Aids Today. Editorial coordinator of the following books “God Hands”
    “Lovicide” “
    Principia Medica”. Art and Medicine. Co-author of the book Medical


    Founder and President of InterScience Medical
    Institution” (
    Civil Association (A.C.). The Center of Specialists in Obesity (CEO, for its
    Spanish acronym) A.C. “
    Dermatocosmia”(Cosmetic Dermatology, At the service of your health,
    beauty and youth) The Iberoamerican Academy of Medical and Scientific
    Journalism, Civil Association (IMAMESIJ). CRO Marketing & Clinical Research
    Inc. The Mexican Association for

    the Continuous Medical Education and Public Medical
    Communication and Civil Association (AMADIM, for its Spanish acronym). The
    Mexican Association for the Communication and Medical Journalism (AMCOPEM, for
    its Spanish acronym) and of the Academic National Institute for the Updating
    and Educational Training (INACE, for its Spanish acronym) belonging to Public
    Education Ministry (SEP, for its Spanish acronym).


    He has published many scientific articles and health
    public communication essays in national and international magazines. The
    magazine Mexican Leadership publish twice his biographical review and
    scientific contributions. He has hosted the shows “Hear me Doctor” and “Know
    your Body” General Direction of Educational Television, Public Education
    Ministry (DGETV, SEP) The radio show “For your Health, Beauty and Youth: The
    best recommendations for Good Feeling and Looking”. Radio 1440 AM. TV Advisor
    in “Eco´s Health” (Televisa TV) and “Pico de Gallo” (Azteca TV). “For your
    Health” Radio Red). Responsible for the Health section of the magazine
    “Siempre”, and for the nationwide newspapers “El Financiero” and “Exc


    He awarded Honorable Mention for his Research Essay of
    the California Hispanic-American Medical Association, USA and in 2008 by the
    Global Quality Foundation. Member of the British Chamber Health Care and Life
    Sciences. Western Pharmacology Society. The American Association for the
    Advancement of Science. The New York Academy of Science and the Mexican
    Associations of Cardiology and Pharmacology. The Dictionary of Pharmaceutical
    Specialties Advisory Board 
    Scientific Council (DEF) for its Spanish acronysm), belonging to “Thompson Health Care,” which also Granted him with special mention on January 2013. He´s member of Medical Association of Medical Writers, the Biotechnology Academy, Nanotechnology, Biotechnopharmacy, Farmacogenomics and Sciences for Life.


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