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  • Title : CEO

    Company Name: EDA Environmental Management Consultancy

    Location : Belo Horizonate,

    Specialty : International Environmental Issues Consultant-Appeals to Banks for Approval of Monies for Projects

    Biography :

    Eline has worked with Environmental Subjects since July/1971 at a Federal Agency about Mineral Resources, in Brazil. She started with minerals analysis at Minas Gerais State, and you can observe that the State’s name means “Mine Generals”, so it is considered very rich, first with Gold Mines and nowadays Iron Mines; precious minerals, phosphates,mineral waters, and so on. She was in charge of the Minerals Lab at first and after on Water Lab Quality Control with chemical and instrumental analysis, hidrology, and sedimentary analysis. At that time, they had an Agreement with USGS/United States Geological Survey and trained at 10 Labs in several States in the USA. Prior to this experience to complete her M.Sc. Thesis, she changed to a Minas Gerais State Center, to work with industrial pollution control and so now she is engaged in environmental management consultancy, with a priority on Sustainability and Social/Economic Development. She attributes her success to hard work and perseverance.

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