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  • Title : Software Engineer

    Company Name: IBM Corp.

    Industry : Computer Software

    Location : San Jose,CA,United States

    Specialty : Management of Storage Area Network, Storage Systems, and Hosts. Systems management and design.

    Biography :

    Eric Butler is a Software Engineer in the Cloud and Service Computing group at IBM Research – Almaden. At IBM, Eric has worked on several storage and system management projects for managing large scale systems. His research interests include data center optimization; integrated system, storage, and network management; storage systems; and virtual machine management. Whilst with IBM, Eric has had several papers published. Some of the most recent ones include: “Evolution of storage management: transforming raw data into information” (2008); “Automated planners for storage provisioning and disaster recovery” (2008) and “Automatically generating best practices for configuring storage area networks based on the analysis” (2008). He has several patents in his name among which are “Allocation of storage resources in a networked computing environment based on energy utilization” (2012); “Migrating virtual machines across network separated data centers” (2012) and “Intelligent network storage planning within a clustered computing environment” (2011). With over 15 years of experience as a Software Engineer and an MS in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University, Eric has enviable academic knowledge and skills. Prior to joining IBM, Eric was a System Specialist with ISSC. He joined IBM as a Software Engineer in 1999 and worked his way into the Research Lab and then the Services Innovation Lab where he currently holds his position. Truly dedicated to his passion, Eric is affiliated with IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, Published in IBM Journal of Research of Development, IBM ITSO and USENIX.

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