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  • Title : Attorney

    Company Name: Law Offices of Grace Greer St. Clair

    Industry : Law Practice

    Location : Redondo Beach,

    Specialty : Estate Planning Attorney; Administration of Trusts; Setting Up Living Trusts; Types of Trusts; Wills; Charitable Trusts

    Biography :

    Grace began her career at the most prestigious firm in the United States. There, she gained invaluable experience working on one-of-a-kind transactions.  Although, it was a great career and experience, she felt that she wasn’t making the difference she had hoped after graduating from law school.  In the midst of a busy career, her grandmother passed away, leaving her dad, an only child, to handle the estate.  For two years, her dad went through the difficult process of probate before he could inherit his mother’s home. Grace now specializes in estate planning in order to help others avoid a similar predicament. She also helps others create legacies for their families, often through charitable endeavors.

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