Member Of The Year

  • Title : Architect Lighting Composer

    Company Name: Lighteam Gustavo Aviles SC

    Location : Campestre, Álvaro Obregón, Ciudad de México,US

    Specialty : Lighting Design

    Biography :

    Gustavo Avilés (Mexico City, 1950). Studied Architecture at the Iberoamericana University from 1969 to 1974. Since 1984 he has been focused on Light in Architecture. He is a leading Mexican Lighting Designer, lecturer, General Director and Founder of Lighteam Gustavo Aviles (1986), enterprise directed to Investigation and development of Architectural Lighting. The dedication and purpose of developing a quality culture in architectural lighting, have conducted his trajectory to coordinate and teach in several Lighting Design courses (Post–Grade) in Mexican institutions, Mexico National and Autonomy University, Anahuac University, Iberoamericana University among other national and international Academic Institutions. He has been invited to lectures, courses, seminars and fairs in Milan, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Finland, United States and Greece. His work achieves a wide variety of applications: residential, corporative, historical buildings, expositions, lighting master plans, landscape, among others. Some examples are, Design of Mexican Pavilion on the World Fair of Hannover 2000, Germany; Siebel Corporate, l´Etoile Rond Point, Paris; Chopo Museum, Mexico City; Lighting Master Plan for the City of San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Light Design Project for the Republic Senate, Mexico, City; Tlaxcala Modern Art Museum, Mexico; Perisur Mall, Mexico City. He has collaborated with lighting design projects in association with Piero Castiglioni (Arch.) Milan; Maria J. Pinto Coelho (Arch.) Portugal; Carla Baratelli (Arch.) Milan; and Dieter Bartenbach, Austria, and other international lighting designers. He has received in seven occasions the IESNA recognition Award of Merit Edwin – F. Guth Memorial for projects such as Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, Chapultepec Castle, The Flag Pavilion, TELEVISA, Master Channel Center, Sergio Hernandez Museum and more recently for San Luis Potosi Lighting Master Plan. In 2006 he received from IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) Special Citation for Sensitive use of colour and Light to respond to architectural form. Also in 2006 he received the National Award for Art Creators in the discipline of Architectural Lighting Design, in the same year he obtained from IESNA the AILEEN PAGE CUTLER MEMORIAL AWARD FOR RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING DESIGN. In 2006 he wins the prize of the audience for a lighting atmospheric installation “ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN”, in the Lichtrouten International Forum for Art and Light design, this installation was presented in the old cemetery of the city of Lüdenscheid, Germany. In October 2006 he obtains the third place in the category City People Light in LUCI PHILIPS Awards for the San Luis Potosi Lighting Master Plan. Gustavo Avilés represents one of the professional and academic development line positions and he is one of the most enthusiastic on the National and International context. Hes member of Elda+, ACE, IESNA and founder of DIM with other Mexican colleagues. Academic Coordinator for the Architectural Lighting Design Postgrade Program, UNAM. Official Academic of Architectural Lighting Postgrade Program, Iberoamericana University.

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