Member Of The Year

  • Title : Chairman

    Company Name: All-Ireland Members Group, IChemE

    Location : Germany

    Specialty : Chemical Engineering; Process Engineering; Petroleum; Energy; Pipelines; Gas Processing; Energy Industry; R&D

    Biography :

    James McBrien has been a chartered engineer with the Institute of Chemical Engineers since 2010. He has more than 18 years in this industry working with blue-chip companies operating in natural gas, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals, particularly focusing on startup of new or modified facilities. His work concentrates on the areas of companies operating in natural gas, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals industries, with a focus on the startup of new or modified facilities. In his spare time from the Institution of Chemical Engineers, he has taken on leadership roles of the professional body as chairman of the All-Ireland Member Group, which encompasses 2000 members, ranging from students to senior industrialists and academics involved in chemical and process engineering in Ireland and overseas.

    McBrien earned a Masters Degree in chemical engineering from Queen’s University at Belfast. He speaks fluent English, French, Dutch, and German. On his downtime, Mcbrien speaks to staff and students at universities about the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries and conducts workshops on natural gas field development. Additionally, he has acted as chairman of an employer sponsored rowing and sailing club in The Netherlands during transition toward a merger with another club. James ensured that all feasible options were identified and assessed, the democratic process of option selection by members was followed, and commenced the transition that all members, boats, activities, and buildings to a larger club for a sustainable future.

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