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  • Title : Director

    Company Name: moreEnglish

    Industry : Education Management

    Location : Monterrey,NLE,Mexico

    Specialty : Teaching English to Mexican businesses

    Biography :

    Ms. Joana Kennington is the owner and Director of moreEnglish, a company in Monterrey, Mexico, which works with businesses to educate their employees in English. She offers English classes to employees, personalizes her teachings to their industry and works with the owners to assure that the employees are truly learning the subject. Her student’s final exam consists of producing a PowerPoint presentation and presenting to their bosses to show what they have learned. She is in the process of starting a conversation and book club for her students. Joana states that having a solid educational background has been a key to her success. As an American living in Mexico, she does have a bit of an edge, but it can also be a challenge. Starting her own business came from a bachelor’s degree in business administration and more recently her Master’s in Education. She realized that something was missing from the English education, and wanted to create her own way of teaching, which she continues to utilize with her clients. Over the 5 years that moreEnglish has been in business, Joanna has had the honor of working with the program to teach English in the pre-schools. She had the responsibility of hiring the teachers and overseeing their work. She made decisions regarding who worked in what areas, and oversaw the face to face aspect of this program. Another honor is that Joana has been asked on numerous occasions to translate and publish journal articles in English. In her spare time, Joana enjoys reading, teaching Sunday School in her church and donating to an orphan’s home, where children are cared for when their caregivers are either not able to or don’t want to. She plans to speak at several conferences over the course of the next year. She speaks English and Spanish fluently, and has a working knowledge of French.

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