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  • Title : Biophysicist/Biochemist

    Company Name: University of Georgia

    Industry : Education

    Location : Arnoldsville,GA,United States

    Specialty : Biochemistry, Physical Biochemist

    Biography :

         Growing up, I was always interested in academic pursuits. This was partly because of my natural shyness, reinforced by the fact that my family moved often.  And  I really wasn’t much good at anything else. Very early on, I decided to go into chemistry. After reading an article on bio-luminescence, I picked biochemistry.  This was before I turned 16.  In college, I focused on getting into graduate school, then moved my efforts towards a Ph. D. I followed this with post doctoral work in a noted laboratory and eventually got a job as an Assistant Professor. After that, I was consumed with making tenure, then less urgently, becoming a full Professor. My final career goal was to have at least 100 publications. Amazingly, the woman I married while I was a post-doc supported me in all of this.   Occasionally I  get something right! I realize now that my life was spent following various career obsessions.     I was always quite an imaginative person. My head filled with daydreams which continually morphed into stories; some quite elaborate. A few years ago, I began a second career as a writer and began putting some of my stories down on paper to get them published. I was always interested in history, so I began to blend historical fiction with romance. Nowadays it is easy to get things published, given that money talks, and I  have five books out so far: Matthew Dobbs, Esquire, Terpsichore, Millwood Village, Good Man’s Croft, and Pilgrim’s Journey. Since the publication of “Pilgrim’s Journey”, Brewer has written a sixth novel. This is now undergoing revision–there is seemingly no end to these–but should be ready in the summer. It is called “Golden Mary” and is set in England in 1536. It features lots of swordfighting and lust and good things like those. Promoting them is another matter, for I  remain a shy individual. Going into this field has proven very different than academics, but perhaps, not completely…

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