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  • Title : Author, Inventor and CEO

    Company Name: 7iMed Ltd

    Location : Edgware,ENG,United Kingdom

    Specialty : Healthcare; Hospitals; Clinical Research; Medical Devices; Surgery; Start-ups; Strategic Planning; Start-ups; Pediatrics; Healthcare Management; Healthcare innovations; Internet things; Healthcare IT; Business Planning; Product Development; Research, Medical Apps, Tele-care, Telemedicine

    Biography :

    Dr. Kadiyali Srivatsa is the Founder and CEO of 7iMed Ltd. He has over thirty years of professional expertise as a pediatric and intensive care doctor. After qualifying as a doctors of Medicine in Bangalore, he moved to train, work and lived in UK since 1983.

    He is fluent in five Indian languages, English, and is learning German. Dr. Srivasta’s vision is to “Bring tears of happiness” by reducing social in-equalities in health. His mission is Fighting Infections Saving Lives. He has published two books, created two apps and hoping to create a network of doctors and patients all over the world, to ease communication and reduce cost.

    In a time where bacteria and emerging infections threaten humanity, he has integrated his innovation (MAYA) to help doctors to initially identify infected individuals and isolate them. He feels the scientists and doctors will not be able to develop eighteen drugs to fight infections. He said “This is not a war that we can win” cause the bacteria are stronger, more intelligent and are adapted to survive.

    His is educating people to make them share responsibility and avoid visiting health centers to reduce cross infections and abuse antibiotics. People, who are ill, can use Dr Maya apps to differentiate common from not so common illness, communicate and reduce wasted consultations and cost. Monitoring clusters of people with similar symptoms in an area early will avert epidemics and pandemics in the future.

    With an unashamed fire, he forges forth with his innovation that he undoubtedly believes will save millions of lives worldwide. Dr. Srivatsa has team of soft ware engineers, app developers and doctors who are passionately working on this project.

    In describing Dr. Srivatsa three qualities come to mind: passion, integrity, and empathy. In the development of this program, Srivatsa firmly believes that he has fulfilled his purpose in life and contributed to his profession and society.

    Though he is consumed with his current responsibilities to market his books and encourage government to implement this system and offer basic healthcare free of cost. He has no time for recreation but he does enjoy traveling, socializing and photography.

    You can listen to his talk and read his feature article “Superbug Pandemic and how to prevent them”, published in American Interest, January 2017

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