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  • Title : Assistant Regional Inspector General for Audit

    Company Name: Office of Inspector General U.S. Dept. of HUD

    Industry : Government Administration

    Location : East Windsor,NJ,United States

    Specialty : Financial and Performance Auditing; Government Auditing; Government Accounting

    Biography :

    As an Assistant Regional Inspector General, Karen Campbell-Lawrence is responsible for assisting the Regional IG in the conduct of day-to-day audit operations within the region, including providing (1) audit service to all management levels within HUD, (2) revision of long- and short-term plans, goals, priorities, and objectives; and (3) effective leadership, employee empowerment, diversity in the workforce, and career development of staff. Recent Accomplishment: HUD OIG has as its primary mission the detection and deterrence of fraud, waste, and abuse in the administration of Federal funds by HUD. In carrying out HUD OIG’s mission, Karen significantly exceeded the required performance expectations during fiscal year 2014 consisting of (1) helping to resolve HUD’s ‘Major Management Challenges’ by being a relevant problem-solving advisor to HUD and its stakeholders; (2) maximizing results and providing responsive audit and investigative work for mandated, requested, self-initiated reports; and (3) investing in people and in the organization. She achieved $154 million in return-on-investment for the audits that she supervised during fiscal year 2014, representing 180 percent of the regional goal of $85 million. As of June 2015, Karen has achieved a little more than $224.5 million in return-on-investment for the audits supervised during the current fiscal year 2015 that ends September 30, 2015.

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