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  • Title : Sales & Marketing Director for Latin America.

    Location : Temple,FL,United States

    Specialty : International Sales, Marketing and Regulatory requirements for Latin America and Caribbean markets

    Biography :

    Lucy Morales is a leader in the international market. During the past seven years she has been working in the development of leading brands in Latin America and the Caribbean. Presently, she works as Director of Sales & Marketing for Latin America and the Caribbean, opening and developing new accounts, and managing a portfolio of over 450 product references.

    To achieve this success she devotes a good part of her time and effort to market research, its trends, weaknesses, cultural and social behavior, among others. She now has an extensive experience in different areas such as importing, distribution, sales and marketing, and regulatory requirements.

    Lucy has focused on Medical Devices and well-being products for hospitals and home end users. Her responsibilities require travelling about 60 percent of the time. She provides customers/partners with the corresponding training through seminars to global sales representatives.

    She truly believes it can take time to find the right partner/customer/distributor but it’s more important to develop a good customer relation based in mutual trust, respect and support, which is accomplished through good communication, and listening to his needs, and requirements. As the market changes every day, it is imperative that you give them more support in order to be successful. Success is not just based on one sale, it is a continuous, mutual effort to find new ways, opportunities, sales channels, projects, strategies, and products which lead to a win – win result, and consolidate a strong, long term business relationship.

    Her knowledge, dedication and integrity have been the pillars for her great success in doing business, in this market with channels like: Wal-Mart, Amazon, big pharmacy chains and other retailers. She has worked together with Cardiology Associations in some countries, obtaining the recognition from these prestigious entities.

    In her personal life Lucy enjoys being with her family. She honestly means it when she says “my family means everything to me. I couldn’t imagine my life without the love and care of my family”. She also appreciates being on her own, in silence, thinking, and going over different situations. This, allows her to see things from other perspectives, and make well thought decisions. Reading also fascinates her. She believes we never stop learning. Her favorite book, is undoubtedly, The Bible, “here is where I find the answer to every situation I face.”

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