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  • Title : Director

    Company Name: Mc Huet

    Industry : International Affairs

    Location : Sao Paulo,Brazil

    Specialty : Global Intercultural Relations; Consulting; Client Management; New Business Development; International Communication;

    Biography :

    Maria Cecilia Huet de Oliveira Castro is the founder director at MC Huet C&T, Maria Cecilia consults for communication, language trainings and sustainable certifiable practices..

    She coaches on global mobility, transfers of professionals, academics and businesses from country to country specializing in diversified programs and focused on determined professional segment. She has successfully conducted new business projects in Brazil. Her goal is to continue consulting and become part of a non-profit board.

    Maria Cecilia values the advocacy of women in business and embraces Education as the basic route for developing countries to reduce the social gap and foster healthier ambience. She is keen to innovation and contemporary resources improving day to day life around the continents, bringing to discussion the particular challenges on each participant region.

    Maria Cecilia stepped into her current role in 2000 and speaks English, Portuguese, French, Spanish. With a passion for international affairs, she has PR experience within the US. She speaks publicly at conferences and participates on Continuous Improvement events at Foreign Chambers in São Paulo. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and horseback riding.

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