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  • Title : Founder & CEO

    Company Name: MMG Capital Management & Trust

    Industry : Consulting

    Location : Panama City,Panama

    Specialty : Finance, Management, Capital Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Asset Management

    Biography :

    Mark-Emery Boswell is the Founder and CEO of MMG Capital Management & Trust, a boutique operation that works closely with clients to create privacy with prosperity using ‘out of the box’ solutions. Having recently established MMG Capital, Mark was inspired to launch it because he saw a lack of quality options being offered by status quo financial systems. A visionary, he keeps abreast of global trends, and is able to capitalize on opportunities as they relate to business and finance. Mark has a bachelor’s degree in International Business from St. Norbert College. In addition to his company, he runs the philanthropic Panama Christian Foundation helping to provide for the most needy. A seasoned public speaker, he hosted a webinar last month for CIS countries, and has spoken at various conferences in Dubai, Moscow, Ukraine, Bahamas, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Panama, Las Vegas, Mexico City and Acapulco. He credits his success to having a vision, believing in himself, and not giving up. He is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like minded professionals to advance the possibilities for the success and security for everyone.

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