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  • Title : Founder and Director

    Company Name: Global Security Consultancy & Training Ltd

    Industry : Consulting

    Location : Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates

    Specialty : Providing Vocational Education and Training linked directly to Australian Quality Training Framework, giving International recognition to our students and clients. Security Consultancy Expert for Counter-terrorism Operations, Safety & Security Management of Client Assets; Team Management. Expert in Counter Terrorism Operations; First Responder Crisis Management Consultant; Vital Asset Protection; Consequence Management Planning and Response; Risk Analysis; Corporate Training and Planning and Strategies Implantation; Successful Portfolio; Internationally Military Trained

    Biography :

    Matthew Murphy is the Founder and Director of Global Security Consultancy. Matthew is an expert in Counter-Terrorism Operations as well as Safety and Security Management capable of providing highly valuable advice at the Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels. He has 20 years of experience in the field, including Training and Commanding in the Royal Australian Military and retiring as a Major in 2013. During his time in the Military, he founded Global Security Consultancy and quickly became a highly sought after consultant for his expertise. Matthew also completed operational time in Hawaii as an Advisor, International Security Advisor in Afghanistan, Security Training and Explosive Awareness developer in the Middle East, Project Management and Senior Lead Advisor within the UAE, Project Manager East Timor, as well as Operations Officer within Special Operations Command.

    Matthew is a highly respected expert in Counter Terrorism Operations, First Responder Crisis Management, Vital Asset Protection, Security Analysis and Assessments, Consequence Management Planning and Response Leader. His skills include risk analysis, corporate training and planning, change management, and consequence management planning. Matthew’s professional excellence has been proofed by a successful portfolio and international formal military training as a Military Special Operations Officer. He is comfortable and able to communicate formidable security strategies, consult, train and work with many different cultures and agencies. Matthew’s attention to detail allows him to tailor his clients requirements specifically to suit their needs, culture, staff and organisation; to achieve that level of reassurance each client deserves.

    His future goals include expanding his consultancy to South East Asia, United States and Europe to continue to offer vital asset protection, consequence management planning and response, provide risk analysis, corporate training and security consultancy. Matthew aspires to “protect the future” through best training practices and personal client attention.

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