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    • Title : Owner

      Company Name: H. Wagner + Partners GmbH (LLC)

    • Location : Switzerland

      Specialty : LogisticsSourcingProcurementPaper IndustriesTextile IndustriesMulti-Cultural ExpertiseIndustry: Specialty Chemicals (Paper and Textiles)

    Biography :

    Helmut Wagner is the Owner of H. Wagner + Partners GmbH (LLC). After 36 years of experience working for international companies, Helmut has decided to start his own company. He is using a network of friends and colleagues. Based on his broad experience in international business and trade, especially with China and India, he decided […]

    • Title : Senior Consultant

      Company Name: A-Merchant

    • Location : Italy

      Specialty : Energy Management both Civil and Industrial; Wide competences in energy efficiencies and renewable energy large projects

    Biography :

    Liborio F. Nanni is the Senior Consultant at A-Merchant, where he has worked for four years. He has more than 38 years of professional experience in his career and he retired in 2014. Liborio has worked as a CEO for multinational companies, overseeing renewal energy, products focused in energy efficiency and investing in large projects. […]

    • Title : Founder & CEO

      Company Name: MMG Capital Management & Trust

      Industry : Consulting

    • Location : Panama City,Panama

      Specialty : Finance, Management, Capital Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Asset Management

    Biography :

    Mark-Emery Boswell is the Founder and CEO of MMG Capital Management & Trust, a boutique operation that works closely with clients to create privacy with prosperity using ‘out of the box’ solutions. Having recently established MMG Capital, Mark was inspired to launch it because he saw a lack of quality options being offered by status […]

    • Title : Senior Consultant/ Founder and Managing Director

      Company Name: JB Wealth T/A SME Skills Academy Ltd/ Habb Business Consultancy Solutions ( HBCS)

      Industry : Consulting

    • Location : London,United Kingdom

      Specialty : Strategy Formulation, Digital Transformation, Business Development (sales focused), Knowledge Integration, Workforce Reskilling and Upskilling, and Employee Engagement.

    Biography :

    With over 20 years of professional experience, Bersisa Berri is a Senior Consultant with SME Skills Academy Ltd as well as Founder/Managing Director of Habb Business Consultancy Solutions (HBCS) where they provide advice on small to medium businesses to achieve their dreams of highest growth and expansion. In this role, he is known for his […]

    • Title : CEO/Owner

      Company Name: Leversens

      Industry : Consulting

    • Location : Bogotá,Colombia

      Specialty : ConsultingLeadership SkillsCommunicationEntrepreneurshipManagement

    Biography :

    Hector Paez has over 20 years of experience in his field. As the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Leversens, he oversees the business strategy, projects and sales for the firm. He drives new business prospects and travels often, meeting with clients and managing change and growth for the firm. Hector has a master’s degree […]