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  • Title : Vice President, Workforce Analytics

    Company Name: Credit Suisse

    Industry : Financial Services

    Location : New York,NY,United States

    Specialty : Mathematics; Quantitative Portfolio Analysis; Statistics and Predictive Analytics

    Biography :

    Michael Cook studied theatre and film at Northwestern University until he discovered mathematics. Michael distinctly remembers the moment he decided that mathematics would change and enlighten his life. While at the library he noticed, then read the book “Brains, Machines, and Mathematics” by Michael A. Arbib. Michael’s curiosity, passion, knowledge and fascination to learn inspired him to pursue an extensive education in pure mathematics. He worked at Atari, Inc., and MAGI (Mathematical Applications Group, Inc.) before obtaining his PhD. After this he did post doctoral research in the labs of two Nobel laureates at Rockefeller University, Gerald Edelman at The Neuroscience Institute, and Joshua Lederberg at the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Informatics, and published several papers. Michael went on to a career on Wall Street as a quantitative analyst. He has been a frequent speaker at conferences on various topics, including Computational Finance, Market Neutral Investing, and the emerging field of People Analytics. He is currently employed at Citigroup, validating statistical models in its Anti-Money Laundering ecosystem. Michael has also written and published a book of poems, “The Rise And Fall Of The Mind,” written and produced a CD of his songs, The Sun Shines at Midnight, as well as co-authoring and producing two Off-Broadway musicals – Le Shotgun Marriage, and The Lysistrata Affair. Michael enjoys his work – whatever it is – and loves learning.

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