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  • Title : CEO

    Company Name: HBD Group

    Industry : Hospitality

    Location : Lisbon,Portugal

    Specialty : Management; Ivestments; Social Development Law; Management; Marketing; Agriculture; Social Development; Ecotourism; Hospitality

    Biography :

    Nuno Rodrigues is the CEO of HBD Group based in Lisbon, Portugal. Nuno trained and worked as a company and commercial lawyer for 10 years, always in international context also with high focus on African development. Nuno eventually became the CEO of the HBD Group and its project for the Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe which includes tourism, agriculture, communications, infrastructures, social development and overall innovation on business models. HBD is part of an emerging market investment group. It was created with the express purpose of developing the ecotourism developments in STP and was established in Portugal given its historical and language ties to the Host Country. The potential environmental and social impacts for the five hotels, the carpentry center, and the new runway on the two islands of Sao Tome and Principe are related to liquid and solid waste management, water and soil pollution, species conservation and biodiversity protection within the biosphere reserve, land acquisition and resettlement of 31 families at two project sites and community and workers health and safety. The project is category A under MIGA’s policy on environmental and social sustainability. Nuno is multi-lingual speaking English, French, and Spanish fluently. Nuno has been featured in many international publications and holds very prestigious positions in professional associations such as the Portuguese Speaking Renewable Energies Association, the Business Association of São Tomé and Príncipe and the Portuguese Real Estate Association. His passion for social development has landed him many guest speaking opportunities such as at the New Zealand Ambassaders House for the United Nations. Nuno works closely with organizations such as Unicef and other NGO’s to initiate child nutrition, plastic removal, social projects and other sustainable development projects. His work has been publicized in NBC, CNN, the Financial Times and others. Nuno has also written publications about bills of exchange and also consumer protection and consumer law such as “ICLS.” Nuno seeks international exposure, to network with like-minded professionals, Promote HBD and explore international business oppurtunities. He attributes his success to resilience and confidence.

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