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  • Title : Owner

    Company Name: Concept Patterns Limited

    Industry : Computer Software

    Location : Mount Eden, Auckland,AUK,New Zealand

    Specialty : Software usability made simple and logical. Using simplicity to engage and explain complex things in a simple way.

    Biography :

    Philip Jackson has been in the software industry in New Zealand for more than 20 years. Developing software for many different industries. Running a business for over 15 years and managing customer installations, training and support. Using a simplicity philosophy to enhance success for new product development, now as owner of the Concept Patterns his own company that has been established for many years , his role is to handle pretty much everything,cutting large sheets of glass with high usability and high flexibility. Using a simplicity instinct to solve problems in a deep and novel way that guarantees being in the same domain as the nature of a problem. Philip is fluent in English and a little french. Holds a Bachelors of Science. Philip also divides his professional time with engaging in the community doing volunteer work coaching soccer along with a lot of other things. Philip’s has published a book Showing others how to adopt simplicity with his book, “Simplicity Instinct, Why Prime Numbers are Elusive” At this stage in Philip’s career he is seeking to network with like minded professionals, mostly in the US, business consult his idea and vision is to get software in the US that is affordable . Philip’s philosophy is to make more complex things more simple. Philip’s interest include Software Usability, Simplicity, High-level problem solving, Number Theory research, keeping fit, family activities. Philip bases his success on figuring out how to do things on your own, making things simple, his passion for the job. Future goals are to continue to work on software project, get the message out there, expand his network, be recognized for his achievements in the long run in New Zealand and worldwide.

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