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  • Title : Academic Director

    Company Name: CommuniKids Preschool and Children's Language Centers

    Industry : Education

    Location : Washington, DC, United States

    Years Of Professional Experience : 11-15 Years

    Specialty : Promoting Cross Cultural Competency & Fluency in 2nd Language

    Biography :

    Raul Echerarria’s goal as an educator is to lay the foundation for global citizenship by providing students with language skills, cultural understanding, and values needed to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world. Raul built success from global understanding of how children learn, being creative, and finding ways to create a space where children learning can be truly put into place so they can do well. He is a big thinker and a very persistent individual. Raul would like to benefit most from professional networking and would like to approach his business at a more international level. He has been teaching languages, mostly Spanish, for over 14 years. Raul is very passionate about this and will continue to do so in the coming years.

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