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  • Title : President

    Company Name: CEPCEP - UCP

    Industry : Research

    Location : Linda-a-Velha,

    Specialty : Education; Human Services; Economics of Education Public Speaking; Human Development

    Biography :

    Roberto Carneiro is President of the Study Center on People and Cultures and Dean of the Institute for Distance Learning of the Portuguese Catholic University. Roberto is a tenured professor in schools of Education, Human Sciences, and Management Studies at the National Institution of Administration in the area of Leadership and People Management. He is a Senior Consultant To World Bank, UNESCO, Council Of Europe, Ec And Oecd On Education Planning And Policy. Roberto is a Country Reviewer on Education Policies in Turkey, Japan, and France for the OECD. He has coordinated about 50 European wide projects in education, training and skills anticipation. Roberto has also authored about 400 papers and 20 books. Roberto has conducted international research projects in his main areas of expertise which include: education, human resources, economics of education, future and foresight studies, ICT impacts on society and culture, and migrations. He currently runs the Observatory of Immigration and is responsible for the Information Society Observatory in Portugal. Roberto is fluent in Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French, English, Portuguese, German, and Finnish.

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