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  • Title : Owner/General Manager

    Company Name: Alley Music Studios

    Location : North Hollywood,CA,United States

    Specialty : World Famous Recording Studio, Writing Poetry, Short Stories & Lyrics, Music Studio, Poetry

    Biography :

    A modern poet and owner of a world class recording studio, The Alley Studios, Shiloh Elkins is an impressive business woman and artist.

    The Alley Studios had its foundation firmly established within the Los Angeles creative community for nearly two decades. Opening in 1973, The Alley was hand constructed by its founder, Bill Elkins and has been known since for its creative “fortress-like” environment and the only “real” excuse to “make it over the hill.” Through all of the trends, progressions, debaucheries and disasters, The Alley still stands proudly frozen in time-a trip back to one of the most prolific and creative eras in modern musical history. Some of the world’s best musicians have recorded there including: The Black Crowes; Jackson Browne; The Doobie Brothers; The Eagles; Melissa Ethridge; Bryan Ferry; Red Hot Chilli Peppers; Billy Idol; Iggy Pop; Smashing Pumpkins; Carly Simon; The Stooges and Jack White. However, there are too many to mention.

    A rock n’ roll original, Shiloh enjoys riding ATV bikes in sand dunes, rebuilding hot rods and riding her Harley Davidson in her spare time. She has a strong interest in holistic healing and is an ex-teacher for blind, deaf & handicapped children in LA city schools. She currently resides in North Hollywood.

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