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  • Title : Gen Manager Technical

    Company Name: Fleet Managemnet Ltd., Hong Kong

    Industry : Engineering

    Location : Hong Kong,Hong Kong

    Specialty : Technical management; Maintenance and repair management for a fleet of transport ships

    Biography :

    Soundararajan Kannan is the Technical General Manager of Fleet Management Ltd. of Hong Kong. In charge of the maintenance and repair for fleets of oil tankers, Soundararajan commands full technical management of over 260 ships.

    Soundararajan attended a four-year school and received a degree in Engineering. He has over 25 years success as technical engineer for this international transport company. He rose through the ranks and sharpened his skills that paid off, launched him into a management position. In the very near future Soundararajan will be the director of over 300 ships and lead the company’s fleet. He will assure that maintenance and repairs will not slow down this major transport company, a considerably responsibility to uphold.

    No stranger to ship operations, Soundararajan has held the title of Chief Engineer on board ships and general manger of multiple ship management companies. He’s operated all types of tankers including VLCC and gas tankers. He’s been extremely instrumental in solving problems. All of his co-workers know they can rely on his experience at any given time.

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