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  • Title : Financial Advisor, First Vice President - Investment Officer

    Company Name: Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

    Industry : Finance

    Location : Houston, TX, United States

    Specialty : Retirement Planning - Oil & Gas Industry.

    Biography :

    After successfully weathering the market downturns of both 2000-2002, and more recently, the Great Recession/Credit Crunch of 2008-2009, I continue to focus my retirement planning practice on controlling risk first, then focusing on return.

    Through the income reservoir concept, I re-create an individual’s paycheck while they are in retirement, independently of any gyrations in the stock market.

    Today, as more than 75 million people head for the retirement door, retirement planning needs to focus on decumulation, or retirement income distribution planning.

    The only way to be able to successfully win the retirement game, is to control risk first, have patience, and be prepared to make opportunistic asset allocation changes as the markets and/or an individual’s needs change.

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