The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Alon Katvan

Alon Katvan


Alon Katvan is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of A.D.L. Smart Solutions Ltd where he is responsible for business strategy, business development and decision making as well as product development for hardware and software applications.

Alon holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Hebrew University and is a member of the Hamaslool Youth Encouragement for Military Service. Moving forward, he would like to grow and expand his business globally.

With over 12 years as an officer in the Israel Defense Force, he was responsible for more than 200 soldiers, projects, and more. After the army, he was a marketing manager in one of the biggest agricultural companies in Israel. In 2017 he founded A.D.L smart solutions and has been CEO of the company since.

ADL brings the digital transformation to training facilities and civilian sport shooters, by using our unique hardware and software development we give our customers professional, efficient, simple, and safe training.

In his spare time, Alon enjoys skydiving, travel and sports.

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