The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Anna G. Jackson, R.N.


Anna Jackson is a Registered Nurse at the Jewish Home for the Elderly. She spends most of her time as nurse on the rehab floor. Anna has always taken pride in her career and is passionate about helping people. Although she has worked with patients of all ages, Anna has worked extensively in geriatric care. She is compassionate, dependable, and dedicated to reaching her goals.
A two-time Who’s Who member in nursing, Anna is excited about continuing her education and getting her Master’s degree in Nursing. She is determined, energetic, and passionate in her career as well as her personal life. She received her R.N. from St.Vincent’s in 1990, and the majority of her expertise resides within Healthcare Management, Patient Management, Business Management, Patient Care Management, New Patient Development, and Phlebotomy. She aspires to serve in management.
Anna is a proud mother of three and a member of the NAACP and Teamsters’ National Black Caucus. She finds joy in artistic decorations and drawing, and she resides in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
The International Society of Business Leaders Member Anna G. Jackson, R.N., can be found on the Who’s Who Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.