The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Boukje Canaan, BA

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Are you interested in an emotionally healthier world? Read about Boukje and how she embarked upon this mission.

With over a decade of experience in film and photography, Boukje Canaan is the founder, director and owner of Boukje Canaan Photography. She is known as a funeral/farewell photographer, working with clients throughout the country, preparing to say goodbye to their loved ones. This business has recently expanded, offering certification opportunities, via an academy, to photographers seeking a niche in this market industry.

Boukje Canaan is her own brand name, she is a photographer and teaches funeral/farewell photography as a specific subject during her training program/academy. She is writing a book concerning farewell photography as a profession and a specialized niche. As she developed a website for this quality mark, she is seeking individuals who are interested in having her both explore and teach in other countries. In the Netherlands, Boukje has been the pioneer in making this specialty photography a common phenomenon.

Boukje studied Film, Communications, and Photography at Ball State University, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Visual Media from HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht). Boukje started her studies and work focusing on tv and film, then came to the realization she had found a niche in funeral photography. “Afscheidsmomenten” is a company she established specifically designed for farewell photographers in the Netherlands. A quality stamp / license can be obtained for a specialized farewell photographer. The quality mark is now a ™ but will become a ® registered trademark.

Boukje started her businesses after experiencing her mother’s farewell in 2009. She had a firsthand experience dealing with the extremely emotional time and attempting to discover a method treasuring both her mother’s memory and the beautiful farewell ceremony. She turned this difficult time into a way to both grieve and honor her mother. During grieving, Boukje created a method assisting all others who desire everlasting memories of their loved ones farewell ceremonies.

When prompted about her success in her profession, Boukje replies that unwavering ambition and both a desire for greatness and a disciplined determination have been the most important values. However, the desire/mission to help others is of paramount concern. Boukje has been published in blogs and articles. Boukje will publish her own book in September 2018. Boukje was awarded Freelancer of the Year in 2014, nominated for the Dutch Funeral Awards in 2018, and is affiliated with her own certification program/academy.

Boukje’s main focus now to expand both her business and her academy. Being able to assist people who are going through some of the emotional moments and helping them to create positive and cherish-able memories is what she considers to be the most rewarding aspect of her career. She would like to discover information concerning funerals and photography in other countries. Can you assist her? Boukje would love to be in contact with businesses associated with photography, funerals or coaching photography. Or professionals who deal with death in any relation to their profession.

In her free time she enjoys travel, reading, yoga, and dancing.

The International Society of Business Leaders Member, Boukje Canaan, BA, can be found on the Society Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

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