The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Breakthrough Retreat Connemara


Breakthrough Retreat Connemara is helping clients across Ireland and beyond to break down the internal barriers holding them back and unlocking their true potential. Owned and operated by management consultant and veteran healthcare professional Carol Passemard, the retreat can be found in Ireland’s beautiful Wild Atlantic Way, where clients flock to participate in highly customized individual coaching, as well as popular group workshops and business support regimen programs. Carol also offers online sessions, to assist clients who are unable to attend a workshop in person or those who require on-the-go assistance with presentations, meeting preparation, and more.
Clients who attend onsite retreat programs such as the Live With Intention 2 day group workshop or the Intensive 2 Day 1:1 Special, find that the retreat proves to be an invaluable investment in their careers, futures and personal lives. Unlike a traditional getaway or holiday break from work, Breakthrough Retreat offers the ability for clients to recharge their batteries and return to work empowered with the knowledge and ability to break the cycle of inefficiency or unhelpful habits they had before. By focusing on prevention, rather than treatment, Carol leads her clients to approach problem solving and the multitasking of daily life free of the negative baggage that had weighed them down.
Carol brings more than 40 years of cumulative professional experience and 25 years of management consultancy to her leadership role.  She is passionate about inspiring others to find happiness through integrated focus and values in their personal and professional lives. Carol uses the tools and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Creating your Futuretm   and Hypnosis, she helps clients to understand their unconscious mind, thought patterns and behaviors that can impede them from reaching their full potential.
Interactive and fun, the Breakthrough Retreat programs are formatted to suit executives and business leaders tired of traditional “motivational” consultants. Carol offers a vast toolbox of mindfulness techniques with a balanced perspective grounded in business and medicine. She is a member of Toastmasters International, and started her career path as a State Registered Nurse. Carol brings this unique perspective into each and every consultation, coaching and session she leads, as well as her lifelong dedication to listen to, learn from and enlighten those around her.
Breakthrough Retreat Connemara can be found at:
+353 (0) 871 413 026
Galway, Ireland
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