The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Christian Oesch

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As Managing Director of Lepitus Enterprises AG, Christian Oesch is no stranger to international commerce on the global scale. He has more than 25 years of professional experience, to-date, and has succeeded in establishing a personal culture of continuous growth that not only optimizes the flow of business and produces real results, but stands up even in troubleshooting or adverse circumstances. He has enjoyed a vastly international career in the United States, Hong Kong, Latin America and the Caribbean, and recently returned to Europe, where he is based out of Switzerland.
Lepitus Enterprises offers strategic operations management and business development services with a focus on long term strategic action planning. They have developed two key programs, Vision bank, which facilitates awareness and responsibility concept and system for long-term strategic planning of enterprises, and SAP, (Strategic Action Planning for Small and Medium Enterprises and Organizations).
Prior to joining Lepitus, Christian was Chief Operating Officer of Delta Institute International, a biotech company for which he also served on the Board of Governors. He earned his Diploma of Aptitude in Culinary & Hospitality Art (SHV-EFZ, Top 5 in canton Bern), and launched his career in the hospitality sector as executive chef, private chef and restauranteur. He also served in the Swiss Army, where he won the 1987 Special Forces and Mountain Grenadier Competition W-RS, Isone TI Switzerland.
Looking ahead, Christian will continue his ongoing commitment to sharing his knowledge in Business Management, Business Development, Project Management, Business Strategy, Management Consulting, Marketing and Customer Relation Management. He speaks German, English with basic knowledge in French, and is a seasoned and dynamic public speaker with great interest in health and wellness.
Christian credits his success to having relentless energy and an entrepreneurial spirit. Outside of his professional endeavors, he enjoys activities with family and friends, along lots of sports like skiing, biking, hiking and skating.
The International Society of Business Leaders Member Christian Oesch can be found on the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.
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