The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Dennis Reina, PhD


Dennis Reina, PhD
Reina, A Trust Building® Consultancy

Workplace trust is ‘hot.’ It’s increasingly recognized as an asset leaders and teams can’t be effective without. Yet, what it really takes to earn trust – and rebuild trust that’s been compromised – is typically misunderstood. Dr. Dennis Reina is co-founder of Reina, A Trust Building® Consultancy, a global firm specializing in transforming workplaces through scientific trust building.
Reina is an established leader in change management, employee engagement, teamwork and collaboration, and leadership effectiveness, Dennis helps steer large organizations to develop a culture of accountability and trust.
Reina’s cutting edge tools take the guesswork out of trust by supporting clients to assess, diagnose root causes, and strategically go to work on specific behaviors that make trust vulnerable. His system is backed by 25 years of global application and game changing business results for organizations like American Express, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Lincoln Financial, US Treasury and Walt Disney World.
Dennis’s trust work has been covered by, among others, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Forbes, TIME, and USA Today. Dennis has co-written two award winning, business best selling books, which have been published in multiple languages: “Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace: Building Effective Relationships in Your Organization” and “Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace: Seven Steps to Renew Confidence, Commitment, and Energy.” Dennis has received several awards, including the World HRD Congress Global Strategic Leadership Award.
Scientific trust assessments that take the guesswork out of trust building®:
The Reina Leadership Trust Scale®
The Reina Team Trust Scale®
The Reina Organizational Trust Scale®
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