The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Dorit Devora Cohen

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Dorit Devora Cohen is the CEO and Founder of A2B (Aid to Business), a Israeli human resources company, which provides technology, logistics and business training and consulting. Amongst the diversified range of clients one may find many Hi-Tech and Start-up companies and today especially industrial companies. The A2B services are designed and adapted to the customer’s needs and range from individual coaching to in-house and open-house seminars and lately of course by zoom technology. A2B employs well known and international specialists for all its services. All services may also be provided in the English language.

In her previous position, Dorit Devora Cohen  was Director of the Continuing Education and External Studies Department of the famous Israel Technion. This Department provided, each year, training courses to more than 6000 Israeli as well as foreign students in response to the ever growing needs of the market place.

Dorit Devora Cohen founded A2B more than twenty years ago at a time when also many Multinational Corporations were entering the booming Israeli economy to take advantage of its highly skilled labor resources and the strategic position of Israel as a gateway to the world markets.

Dorit Devora Cohen holds a Bachelor of Art from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Master’s degree in Art from the Tel Aviv University.

As Member of The International Society of Business Leaders, Dorit Devora Cohen will be pleased to cooperate and network with interested Parties and Individuals in her field of expertise. Her contact details may be found in the Register of the Society.


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