The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Dr. Guido Sacco

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Dr. Guido Sacco is a prolific global entrepreneur. With over 35 years of professional experience, he is a strategic marketing expert who emphasizes having a holistic understanding of each market, business, historical and cultural context for every endeavor. Using his sharp business acumen to compare the rules of each market to that of a game of bridge or chess is, in the words of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, “impossible to play if you don’t know the rules, but when you know them is possible to play and use sharp strategies to win the market shares,” he has demonstrated himself a master of respecting and using the rules of each market to win, and demonstrated ingenious application of strategy in entrepreneurship. His credo is: Identification of the opportunity, fast reaction, fast application of the rules, global strategy, never limit the action, the only limit is our brain, the objective is proportional to the investment.
Dr. Sacco’s expansive ventures see him as the President and CEO of Creaco Holding Dubai, an innovative holdings and management company that seeks to vertically integrate companies across the world, thus avoiding intermediaries and promoting ethics in each company of the group. Driven by a commitment to core values and an awareness of the environment, Creaco operates under the rules of ISO26000 the CSR (company social responsibility), staunchly dedicated to providing the best possible experience for its employees and clients. Its divisions include Bestimmo Int. Dubai and all his subsidiaries, the Creaco Tourist Office, Creaco Partners legal and advisory services, and CreacoJob job search database.
Among his many global business pursuits, he has spent 15 years as CEO and President of BESTIMMO Group. As President of BESTIMMO Int. Dubai, he oversees the ownership of numerous subsidiaries, particularly their location in Jordan, Switzerland, where more than $100 million in construction is completed each year. He also stands atop other major operations based in Canada and Egypt, where a groundbreaking realization will come to materialize in Alexandria this year, totaling 50,000 square feet. The completion of this project will see his Egyptian branch growing to a comparable value to his Swiss location. Additionally, BESTIMMO’s Dubai office projects annual sales of over $200 million each year. Dr. Sacco credits the success of his many BESTIMMO branches to hiring the top managers and executive staff to ensure each of its branches provides the ultimate in client experience and service, understanding that “delegation with control is the basic of success.”
The owner of several companies, currently Guido also serves as the CEO of Green Village Tourism, a Dubai-based tourism management company offering full services in travel planning and hospitality. Specializing in securing visas for all kinds of arrangements and custom travel experiences, the firm brings the best in holidays to its clients across the world. Coming on board as CEO at the beginning of 2016, Guido stands at the helm of a firm predicted to turnover more than $80 million USD this year.
Guido launched his impressive business career after completing his PhD in Economics at the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. As a promising young consultant, he made his mark at leading global auditing and consulting company KPMG, He was for 5 years dean on studies and professor in economy, marketing, sales, human resources and public relation at the management school BYVA in Neuchatel. He wrote at that time all the text of marketing for all the courses. Many have been published like “Know Die Self “with transactional analysis (Connait toi toi même, Editions Tricorne Genève) after which time he achieved top management roles for many other companies beyond BESTIMMO, Green Village Tourism and Creaco Holding, such as being the CEO and President of the board for the Société de développement immobilier la Côte for over 5 years. Dr. Sacco is also a member of the board of, a pioneering foundation that houses the largest online library on ethics in the world. He also stands at the helm of Sdilacote, isotex, 360 Buildmats, and BestCleanPro manpower services.  These many combined activities complete his full package of services given by the fully vertical integrated group, offering clients the perfect service solution to meet their needs.
Dr. Sacco bases his many operations out of Dubai and speaks English, Italian, French, Spanish and Greek. Looking back, he attributes his success to the knowledge of strategy in business but also thanking to his NLP studies and teaching that he can have a perfect communication and understand all partners. His ability to anticipate the future, and to recognize opportunities as they present themselves make him capable to interact in all the markets. In his limited spare time, Guido enjoys diving, skiing and furthering his studies on management training and business ethics.
International Society of Business Leaders Member of the Year Guido Sacco, PhD can be found on the Society Directory, where he is looking forward to networking with you.
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