The International Society of Business Leaders Recognizes Dr. Larry Cosenza

Dr. Larry Cosenza is Founder and Chief Science Manager of C2 Biotechnologies, a biotechnology company founded in 2006 that focuses on research and development of products for the renewable energy markets. Specifically, their focus is on creating enzymes to treat waste at its source by converting it into energy for use on-site. Through this venture, they have developed a waste-to-energy concept designed to convert discarded food, paper and lawn trimmings into energy.
Dr. Cosenza received his PhD in Pharmacology, with specialized skills in Molecular and Computational Biology, an MA in Biochemistry both from Boston University School of Medicine, and a BA in Biology and Mathematics from State University of New York at New Paltz. He then worked extensively in Europe and the US, receiving multiple SBIR grants and contracts with numerous publications and patent assignments. Dr. Cosenza belongs to the American Chemical Society and Germantown Democratic Association, and frequently lauded for this work, has received a Chateaubriand Fellowship. Moving forward, his goals include exponential growth for C2, and finding a larger company to mass-produce this dynamic product resulting in significant revenues.
In addition to his work, Dr. Cosenza is a passionate humanitarian and frequent volunteer for the Veterans Association. He currently resides in Germantown, New York, where he enjoys cycling, skiing and flying in his spare time.
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